Fluidmesh improves throughput by 50% by leveraging ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and Machine Learning

Berlin, September 18, 2018

We are pleased to announce the recent international patent filing for Fluidmesh AI-based FluidRC™ algorithm. FluidRC™ is a sophisticated predictive algorithm that leverages novel artificial intelligence-based learning technologies and improves throughput by up to 50% in any Fluidmesh-based wireless mobile backhaul deployment for train or vehicle connectivity.

AI-based FluidRC™ algorithm will be released in Q4 2018 and will be included free of charge in the new firmware release for Fluidmesh 3200/4200 and Fluidmesh 3500/4500 product families.

Leveraging machine-learning algorithms, FluidRC™ accurately predicts the critical parameters of any wireless network and, as a consequence, optimizes roaming and data rate selection in real time, therefore maximizing throughput and minimizing latency and link error rate.

The Fluidmesh Research and Development team has been working for more than six years to continuously improve the throughput and overall performance of Fluidmesh mobile backhaul deployments. Recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to communication networks have provided a great foundation to improve the predictive capabilities of Fluidmesh wireless products. The Fluidmesh R&D team has been able to invent a novel approach applicable to any mobile communication system involving high-speed roaming. After the release of the new firmware in Q4 2018, Fluidmesh customers with existing mobile backhaul deployments will be immediately able to leverage the most sophisticated AI-based wireless mobility algorithm without any hardware modifications, simply by upgrading the firmware of the Fluidmesh radio devices. Fluidmesh is announcing this new invention at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, between September 17-21. Please visit our booth (nr. 207) in Hall 7.1.

Umberto Malesci
CEO and co-founder
Fluidmesh Networks