PR – Fluidmesh expands to China

With the establishment of a local office, and the recent hire of David Wang as Regional Sales Manager, Fluidmesh Networks is pleased to announce its expansion into China.

Fluidmesh CEO and co-founder Umberto Malesci explains: “We are excited about numerous business opportunities in the Chinese market, because China has been investing heavily in infrastructure types that we have proven ourselves able to connect and automate with our wireless technology. There is a scale of mass-transit networks and logistics infrastructure in China that cannot be found anywhere else in the world”. Answering the question of how Fluidmesh would handle the sheer scale of the Chinese market, Mr. Malesci was confident: “We do not plan to go into China alone: we are leveraging partnerships with local players. By doing this, we are building a network of local partners, and we expect to announce collaboration with various Chinese leaders in telecommunications, IoT and industrial automation quite soon”.

David Wang, Regional Sales Manager for China, adds: “Fluidmesh has a unique opportunity to make a difference in China. Chinese companies are aggressively looking for technologies that allow them to compete on a worldwide basis. Wireless networking, particularly in the IoT and Industrial Automation space, is very hot in China. Fluidmesh’s wireless MPLS technology is unique, and already gives the company a competitive advantage”.

Mr. Wang is a veteran of the wireless networking and telecommunications industry, bringing more than 20 years of experience in business development and sales to Fluidmesh. In the course of his career, Mr. Wang has been instrumental in helping US-based networking companies create and strengthen local relationships with leading Chinese technology partners, and in facilitating business paths to the Chinese market.

To get in touch with Fluidmesh Networks in China, contact Mr. David Wang at