Fluidmesh Partners With 21Net to Deliver Broadband Internet to High Speed Trains

Buffalo Grove, IL . . . April, 2013–Fluidmesh Networks, a worldwide leader in wireless systems for mission critical and high speed broadband applications, is pleased to announce its partnership with on-board multimedia rail systems specialist 21NET. Headquartered in Belgium, 21NET is a highly specialized technology company that developed the most advanced and sophisticated systems to connect high speed trains in Europe and India to the Internet. 21Net is a global supplier of on board broadband Internet, multimedia and connectivity solutions to railway companies. With the support of The European Space Agency, 21Net established the world’s first bi-directional satellite communications system capable of delivering high-speed Internet to high-speed trains. 21Net’s core objective is to give rail operators a competitive edge by delivering the best possible quality of Internet and multimedia services to their passengers.

“21Net has been pioneering broadband Internet on trains since 2004. With 21Net new T2 architecture, 21Net is raising the standard once again, from Single Digit to Double Digit Megabits per Second to meet the rapidly increasing demand for bandwidth on board. 21Net’s T2 integrating Fluidmesh track-side wireless technology supports data rates of between 40 and 100 Mbit/sec,” says Henry Hyde-Thomson, 21Net co-founder and Managing Director. “21Net-Fluidmesh track-side solution is a way to leverage the massive investment in GSM-R already made across Europe by using the same poles and infrastructure for the Fluidmesh base stations that can provides up to 100 Mbit/sec to the trains and can be co-located with the GSM-R BTS”

“We’re very pleased to partner with 21Net and introduce Fluidity to their customer base,” says Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh co-founder and CEO. “We look forward to working with 21NET and their customers to provide unmatched high bandwidth connection to high speed trains. Passengers on high speed trains want to experience a real broadband Internet connection to work during their journeys. The 21Net solution integrating Fluidmesh patented track-side wireless technology is the only way a train operator can deliver 100 Mbit/sec to a train travelling at 300 Km/h in a cost-effective manner.”

“Most high speed train operators are relaying today to cellular-based technology that is unable to deliver more than 4-5 Mbit/sec for the entire train,” adds Alessandro Erta, Fluidmesh CTO. “Passengers now carry with them two or three devices and want to be able to use them during their journey streaming video and data at all times. 4-5 Mbit/sec is not enough for a train with hundreds of passengers. The amount of bandwidth the 21Net-Fluidmesh solution is able to provide to a train is more than 10 times what it is achievable with a cellular-based solution. We are now able to deliver what high speed train passengers are asking for everywhere in the world.”


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