Fixed & Mesh Networks

Wireless infrastructures for fixed applications.


Most Powerful Wireless Backhauling

A 2x2 MIMO-based Ethernet radio, VOLO is designed for mission-critical video, voice, and data. VOLO is intuitive, easy to deploy, and can be used to create point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks with a real throughput of up to 150 Mbps.


The FM3200 BASE is rugged designed, specific for harsh environments and long lasting performances. It can be used to create point-to- point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and mobility networks with a throughput of up to 150 Mbps.

Mobile Networks

Vehicle to vehicle & vehicle to ground


Powered by the FLUIDITY TM technology, the FM 4500 MOBI can be installed on trackside poles to deliver fast and stable connectivity to vehicles. The FM 4500 MOBI has already been awarded numerous railway and transport certifications, making it a popular choice for deployment on many transport systems both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Special Applications

Fluidmesh offers a variety of solutions for a variety of highly specialized applications ranging from 360 degree proximity wireless coverage to long-range products for boats and vessels.

Links up to 40 miles

Off-shore connectivity

Omnidirectional applications

Licensed frequencies

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