FM-MONITOR is a network-wide on-premises monitoring dashboard, allowing any Fluidmesh customer to pro-actively maintain and monitor one or multiple Fluidmesh OT networks. MONITOR displays data and situational alerts from every Fluidmesh radio in a network, in real time.


  • On-premises monitoring tool for Fluidmesh wireless networks
  • Wizard setup for Quick and Easy installation and deployment
  • Real-time dashboard displaying Uptime, Throughput, Latency, Jitter and other network KPIs
  • Customizable Section view, to easily check groups of radios
  • Customizable monitoring Alerts for prompt response
  • Radio-by-radio data logging, with a minimum sampling interval of 300ms.
  • Real-time radio configuration display for quick and accurate troubleshooting
  • Side-by-side comparison of radio KPIs over time and over vehicle position
  • Fast data exports