RACER™ configuration portal – Projects Management function

In response to customer demand, we are pleased to announce the addition of the Projects Management function to the RACER configuration environment.

Background and context

In context of the RACER portal and its established role in device configuration, the Projects Management function addresses an increasing need for tools to categorize and organize the increasingly large numbers of Fluidmesh-branded elements that make up a large network installation.

The Projects Management function does this by grouping all separate elements of a Fluidmesh-oriented telecommunications installation (such as devices, plug-ins and configuration templates) into a harmonious, easily searchable virtual whole.
This function is specifically designed for professional Project Managers and Systems Administrators.

What is a ‘Project’?

In context of the new function and its role, a Project is a virtual container that can be made to encompass part, or all, of any network installation containing Fluidmesh components.
The separate elements of the network installation, such as hardware devices, software plug-ins and device software configuration templates can all be assigned to this container.
This allows the Project Manager to more easily categorize and compartmentalize partial or whole installations, in relation to other installations. The end result is that with all software and hardware elements of the installation under positive control, customer-driven technical support is simpler and faster.

What’s new in the RACER interface?

A selection of new controls has been added to the RACER interface.
• The RACER™ Radio Configuration view contains new buttons that allow hardware devices to be added to, and removed from Projects.
• A new Projects view has been added to the RACER interface. This view allows you to create new projects, edit existing projects, add or remove devices, plug-ins and configuration templates, and share Projects with other Fluidmesh Partners Portal users.

Detailed operational instructions for the Projects Management function will be available in the latest edition of the Fluidmesh RACER User’s Manual.