Fluidmesh Earns Coveted Railway Transportation Innovation Award

Buffalo Grove, IL . . . April, 2013–Fluidmesh Networks, the worldwide leader in wireless backhauling systems for security, industrial, and mission-critical applications, was honored with a prestigious I-Trans Innovation Award at SiFER 2013 for its latest technology offering – FLUIDITY, the ultimate wireless broadband connectivity for high speed vehicles. It was presented by Jean-Claude Raoul from the Academy of Technology during the International Exhibition of Rail Technology in France this March.

These Innovation Awards recognize the most outstanding innovations brought by exhibitors at SIFER 2013, a major show for the rail transportation industry. The judging was done by a jury of independent experts from various backgrounds and research communities. Fluidmesh was honored in the “Rolling stock and passenger information” category.

Fluidmesh brings an exceptionally innovative offering to the rail technology industry with its recent release of Fluidity, a new framework available for Fluidmesh radios to offer broadband connectivity in high-speed mobile environments.

Fluidity is Fluidmesh’s response to an increasing demand in reliable mobile connectivity and can be used to provide broadband connectivity to moving vehicles such as trains, as well as buses, subways, ferries, and cars. Thanks to a decade of experience in wireless networks and out-of-the-box thinking, Fluidmesh has been able to develop a revolutionary wireless system that delivers up to 100 Mbps of usable throughput to vehicles moving at up to 200 mph and fully supports video, voice, and data.

“We are extremely proud to have been honored with this I-Trans Innovation Award,” says Umberto Malesci, President and co-founder of Fluidmesh. “Our wireless solutions are evolving to meet our customers’ developing needs. Fluidity is the result of three years of research in the field of mobility using wireless mesh networks. The performance we have been able to deliver is a breakthrough in the industry.”

“To design Fluidity, we approached the mobility problem from a completely different point of view,” adds Alessandro Erta, Fluidmesh CTO. “Our goal was to build a solution not only suited for Internet browsing but for real-time streaming of video, voice and mission critical applications. Mobility requires complex network operations such as handoff, IP address negotiation and mesh infrastructure point-of-access selection,” he notes. “Fluidmesh has taken a completely novel approach by designing, from the ground up, a cross-layer switching framework to completely hide these operations from user devices like cameras and VoIP phones. The result is an incredibly solid network.”

This simple plug-in empowers Fluidmesh radios to transmit data at the highest security standards.