Wireless Offloading of Video for Mass Transit Fleets

Wireless Video Offloading for Mass Transit

Wireless Video Offloading for Mass Transit

More and more Mass Transit systems are leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage all the data and video footage collected on their vehicles.

New applications to efficiently offload big data and video are greatly improving the overall efficiency of urban transport.

Most of the existing light rail vehicles and urban bus fleets have many sensors on board to measure the mechanical parameters, as well as high resolution cameras.

On board entertainment and automatic ticketing servicing are becoming common as well. So, how do mass transit operators manage this significant amount of data and video in a cost effective way? The majority of vehicles are not connected yet and, compared to other Internet of Things applications where there is an existing and continuous connectivity, connecting moving vehicles  is still a bit difficult.

Several companies has tried to overcome the challenges using wifi protocol, with unsatisfactory result, why?

The reality is that the IEEE 802.11 protocol is not ideally designed for heavy upload or download of video and data content from a fleet of vehicles and buses.

Fluidmesh developed a tailored solution for wireless video and big data fast offloading, overcoming the major issues that solutions based on the standard WiFi (IEEE 802.11) technology face.

Check out this article by Fluidmesh CEO Umberto Malesci regarding how Fluidmesh Wireless Offloading for Mass Transit Fleet can help improving on-board security and lower costs.