Fluidmesh Sage™ Technology and Racer™ On-line Cloud-Managed Centralized Configuration Platform

I am delighted to introduce two innovative new products that will deliver great benefits to our global customer base and make life easier for our partners who deploy Fluidmesh radio technologies.
One is Fluidmesh Sage, a new software technology to help customers with cyber security and RF compliance. The other is a new feature of our Racer Software Platform, Racer Online Cloud-Managed Configuration, that will allow customers to enjoy zero-touch deploy with all Fluidmesh products. Let me tell you why we are so excited about these latest new developments.

Fluidmesh Sage Technology

Fluidmesh Sage is a proprietary software embedded in all Fluidmesh products. It is designed to help customers and installers using our products to comply with cyber security best practices and local RF regulatory constraints.
We know only too well how complex it can be to deploy secure, compliant wireless networks. Many cyber-security best practices fall on the shoulders of the installer, so we have gone to great lengths to guide the user away from any pitfalls that might impact the security of the network and its compliance with local RF regulations.
We are confident that Sage will help our customers avoid costly mistakes and mitigate potential risks and liabilities. Effective as it is, however, Fluidmesh Sage is no replacement for a correct installation and a competent installer, so we strongly recommend attending a Fluidmesh training course at least every 12 months. It is important to keep up-to-date with the latest user manuals and to contact Fluidmesh customer support if you have any questions.
Both cyber security and RF compliance are moving targets. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated every day and regulatory bodies continually update their requirements. Cyber security and compliance must be given top priority to protect your data and the suitability of your wireless deployment.
Racer Online Cloud-Managed Configuration

The release of the Online Cloud-Managed Configuration Mode in Racer allows all of our customers to enjoy the value of zero-touch deploy, which accelerates the process of installing and configuring Fluidmesh products.
We launched Racer last year to speed up the configuration of our radio devices. Configuring products in the cloud brought an immediate and significant improvement to the deployment of our wireless solutions. Customers who embraced Racer last year reported a time saving of more than 90% compared to the old manual way of configuring our wireless products one at a time.
With the new features of Racer we are launching today, Fluidmesh is taking another major step to enable its customers to perform all configurations in the cloud, and automatically deploy them to their radio devices in the field through the Internet – a positive zero-touch deploy experience!
Racer allows the user to centrally configure Fluidmesh radio devices using Racer Cloud Server, a web-based radio management service integrated into the Fluidmesh Partner Portal. Once the user has completed the configuration of a set of radios devices using Racer Centralized Web Interface, this can be applied to the radio devices in one of two ways:

1. Offline Configuration: through a single file that the user manually uploads onto each radio. The Offline Configuration mode also supports local parameter changes through the radio Web UI / CLI. This offline mode was originally available when Racer was launched in 2017 and it will remain the preferred configuration mode for networks that are not connected to the Internet.

2. Online Cloud-Managed Configuration: directly from the Centralized Web Interface if the radio devices are connected to the Internet and they can access Racer Cloud Server. This new mode of configuration enables a full zero-touch deploy approach. The user can quickly configure hundreds of remote radios without needing to access the user interface of any of them. The Online Cloud-Managed Configuration supports both the initial set-up and the potential reconfiguration of remote radio devices in the field.

Since we started this company in 2005 we have paid a great deal of attention to making our products easy to use, while guarding against any potential for error in configuration or compliance. I feel that with Sage and Racer we are taking a quantum leap forward in ease of use and efficiency in deployment.

Umberto Malesci
CEO and Co-founder
Fluidmesh Networks