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Public Safety depends on reliable communication – capturing critical video, sharing essential data and enabling urgent conversations. Wireless networks are particularly well suited to address your needs for flexibility and reliability and can be installed faster and for less money. Public safety and surveillance is everyday more a matter of mobility and pervasive networking. Deploying a flexible wired video-surveillance systems is a costly, time-consuming or sometimes even impossible. So why don’t consider a wireless network solution? Fluidmesh can easily help you save time and money, exceeding your expectation in terms of video quality and system reliability in challenging environments!

Wireless Video Security

Wireless solutions for video surveillance and emergency voice and data.

Trackside Train-To-Ground

Up to 500Mbit/sec broadband Wi-Fi for high-speed passenger trains.
Slow, unreliable, cellular-based Wi-Fi on trains has come to an end! Fluidmesh innovative transmission protocol called FLUIDITYTM is the only license-free track-side wireless solution to grant your customers a stunning fast Wi-Fi experience on your trains. Real broadband on a train that goes up to 220Mph (350 Km/h) is now possible without service disruption and the investment required to set up the track-side network is extremely limited because FLUIDITYTM can leverage the existing poles and infrastructure of the GMS-R or PTC systems without interfering with them.
Traditional wireless technology struggles to cope with environments where metal and water are omnipresent. Conversely, reliable high-performance wireless communication is essential for terminal operations. This is an area in which Fluidmesh dominates, both in terms of performance and market share.

Terminal Operations

Seamless roaming, scalable-bandwidth, low-latency. The ideal solution for Terminal Operations wireless backhauling


Stable and reliable communication systems for mining operations and vehicle automation
When the going get tough, the tough get wireless. Fluidmesh Networks has developed a wireless industrial-grade IP solution for mining applications involving mission-critical condition monitoring, security and automation. Fluidmesh technology creates infrastructures capable to stream up to 100Mbps of data, video, and voice and fully IP compatible. We can interconnect multi-vendor devices, sensors, security, and control equipment in hard to wire sites such as mines. Our solutions are tailored for Major, Intermediate and Junior mines. With our fast-roaming wireless solution for mobile applications we can connect vehicles moving around the mine, for automation and safety related mobile applications.
Imagine a smarter city where information is available always and everywhere in pervasive and secure huge network environment. Fluidmesh provides reliable wireless solutions able to deploy broadband wireless networks wide as a city! Our wireless link can ensure a usable throughput of 150Mbps from 10 miles of distance and cover boundless areas with a strong and reliable signal. All these with no need to trench and wire the entire city ground.

Smart Cities

Phones are getting smarter; people are getting smarter and our cities need to be smarter too!

Enterprise Backhaul

All you need to stream data, video or voice across physically disconnected networks.
The demand for throughput and network reliability is increasing every day as more and more organizations are moving critical processes on the cloud. Private companies, universities, hospitals, local government agencies, industrial plants, hotels, resorts require to have a reliable broadband carrier-grade infrastructure that connects buildings together for voice, video and data. Large organizations premises can span widespread areas and their buildings can be located miles apart, a wireless solution that does not require trenching and wiring is often the only viable option.
Communication is often at the core of many security and tactical operations. Fluidmesh networks are deployed for security and video surveillance by some of the most demanding law enforcement agencies around the world. Fluidmesh radios are the choice for many military forces and governments around the world to deploy a secure, reliable, and easy to manage wireless infrastructures. Our wireless solutions have been used in critical hostage situations, war zones, and remote borders to provide mission-critical connectivity.

Governments & Military

Reliable voice, data and video in urban, rural and battlefields settings.

Oil & Gas

Wireless networks fro SCADA, video security, data and voice for oil platforms, rigs and refineries.
Fluidmesh Networks has developed an innovative and industrial-grade wireless IP solution for upstream, midstream and downstream applications involving mission-critical condition monitoring, security and automation. Fluidmesh technology creates a completely wireless infrastructure enabling you to stream data, video, and voice and fully IP compatible. We can interconnect multi-vendor devices, sensors, security, and control equipment in large, hard to wire sites such as oilrigs, offshore platforms, and refineries.
Fluidmesh has developed an innovative and industrial-grade wireless ethernet solution for large industrial plants seeking mission-critical condition monitoring, security and wireless automation. Capitalizing on the strength of wireless mesh architecture, Fluidmesh technology creates a wireless infrastructure enabling the simultaneous streaming of data, video, and voice. We can easily interconnect multi-vendor devices, sensors, security, and control equipment in large, hard to wire sites such as oil refineries, oil rigs, off-shore platforms, industrial seaports, tank farms, gas plants, chemical plants, power plants, and water treatment facilities.

Industrial Wireless & SCADA

Wireless-networking solutions for SCADA conditions monitoring, security and industrial automation.

Campus & Education

Wireless solutions to interconnect physically disconnected buildings and secure your campus.
Pervasive broadband connectivity is a necessity for any university and high school. The cost of extending the wired infrastructures makes wireless the perfect solution to provide connectivity in hard-to-wire locations. Thanks to its multi-topology capabilities and its ease of deployment Fluidmesh is the perfect solution for outdoor backhaul application. In this very moment we are connecting thousands of young minds and helping campus security officers to protect students and faculty members.
Above all else, wireless communications for Smart Grids need to be scalable, reliable, and secure. Fluidmesh provides reliable wireless solutions for AMR/AMI Backhaul, distribution automation (DA) and Substation automation. Oh, and we play well with others - our Wireless Solution has been designed to be fully compliant and integrated with other wired or wireless transmission technologies. So, you can integrate Fluidmesh to extend your fiber network and backhaul your low frequency wireless network at 900MHz.

Utilities Smart Grids

Broadband wireless backhaul for smart grids and even smarter cities and utilities.


Wireless connectivity, data, video and voice for seaports, airports, railways and mass transit agencies.
For years we have been working with mass transit agencies, airports and seaports in different countries helping them to stream data, video and voice from remote locations and moving vehicles. Now, thanks to FLUIDITYTM, you will be able to deliver to your passengers broadband and stable on-board Wi-Fi; transmit real-time video from on-board security cameras; stream diagnostics data from vehicles for preventive maintenance; manage unmanned metro and subways using CBTC technologies….
Utilities and governments are investing billions of dollars into protecting and upgrading the existing water grids into secure and smart networks. The long-term objective is a sustainable and affordable fruition of water and an intelligent sewage disposal without any compromise as far as consumer safety is concerned.


Water Distribution and Treatment

Air to Ground Communication

Wireless solutions for high-speed Air-To-Ground communications
Boring flights with a slow Internet connection or no connection at all are over! Fluidmesh patented wireless technology can provide a reliable Wi-Fi Internet connection on aircrafts, making it possible to surf the Web, make phone VOIP calls, or even watch a streaming movie while you're in flight. How?