Above all else, radio communications in Wireless Smart Grids for Utilities need to be scalable, reliable, and secure. Fluidmesh provides reliable wireless solutions for AMR/AMI Backhaul, distribution automation (DA) and Substation automation. Oh, and we play well with others – our Wireless Smart-Grid Solution for Utilities has been designed to be fully compliant and integrated with other wired or wireless transmission technologies. So, you can integrate Fluidmesh to extend your fiber network and backhaul your low frequency wireless network at 900MHz.

Why Fluidmesh for Wireless Smart Grids?

Fluidmesh innovative transmission protocol is built to overcome the limits of standard wireless protocols security and to deliver an infrastructure that is hack-free. Thanks to its proprietary protocol and AES encryption, Fluidmesh is a trusted vendor of the US Army, US Navy and many other military forces around the globe.

Fluidmesh wireless products offer the highest resiliency to interferences by using a patented smart control on packet retransmission. You wireless networks will be much more robust to any sort of environmental interference.

Limit the cost of ownership by paying only for the throughput you need but your network will be future proof: you can easily increase throughput by upgrading the network with software plug-ins as traffic requirements increase.

Our Ethernet radios for Smart Grids are designed for low visual impact and easy installation in harsh environments. All our Smart Grid Wireless Products are rated for outdoor deployments in very challenging weather conditions.

Our proprietary transmission protocol is designed to minimize the negative effects of environmental interference. Fluidmesh network links are entirely redundant in order to ensure you the maximum defense from any kind of interferences.


  • Electrical distribution
  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Gas distribution
  • Renewable Energy


  • Demand Response (DR)
  • Distribution Automation (DA)
  • Substation Automation (SA)
  • Distributed Generation (DG)

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