Container Port traffic has experienced a 4% Compound Annual Growth Rate in the last decade, with over 800 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) movements worldwide. In addition, the capacity of larger container vessels has increased from an average of 11,000 TEUs in 2006 to more than 20,000 TEUs today. The trends are clear: more goods in more containers, needing shipping in less time. Increased efficiency and safety are essential, and the best way to accomplish these goals is through efficiency and automation.

Traditional wireless technology struggles to cope with environments where metal and water are omnipresent. Conversely, reliable high-performance wireless communication is essential for terminal operations. This is an area in which Fluidmesh dominates, both in terms of performance and market share.

Fluidmesh has a portfolio of MIMO radios and antennas capable of transferring data at up to 500Mbps TCP with negligible latency and seamless roaming.

Fluidmesh devices have been field-proven within all known applications in Terminal Handling, from the low-bandwidth requirements of Terminal Operations Systems to the real-time video streaming needed for tele-remote control of moving vehicles (including Ship-To-Shore cranes, Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes, Straddle Carriers and Reach Stackers). This makes them the ideal choice for container terminal operations. Fluidmesh radios also support IP communication and low-level control protocols, easily enabling any type of digital communication.

Downtime costs money, and the ideal port is 100% owner-controlled. With Fluidmesh hardware and support, the network is fully owned by the terminal, enhancing control and reducing reaction time.

To further increase network durability, Fluidmesh has also introduced FM-MONITOR, a full-control dashboard using KPIs to allow network segmentation and full control of all installed hardware.

All Fluidmesh systems are tailored to your individual needs. The capabilities of existing hardware are easily enhanced using software plug-ins. Fluidmesh systems are also easily scalable, so network extensions are straightforward in design and implementation, and you pay only for the level of capability you need.


  • Ports and Container Terminals
  • Container yards
  • Intermodal operations


  • Container Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for shipping-container label scanning
  • Crane automation and remote control
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Telemetry
  • VoIP
  • Interface with standard Wi-Fi for edge devices
  • Video surveillance
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