Success Stories Aubigny sur Nere – urban videosurveillance with Fluidmesh

Aubigny sur Nère is a municipality in the Cher department in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. It’s an important historical centre with a thirteenth century church and a fifteenth-century castle.
Its place in history is secured by an ancient alliance with Scotland. Back in the 1420s, when France was at war with England, the French king Charles VII asked the Scots for help, whereupon John Stuart of Darnley sailed to France with a small army. Stuart was made Lord of Aubigny as a reward for his support, and the chateau remained in Scottish hands until the French Revolution.
To this day, in Aubigny, they celebrate the ‘Auld Alliance’ with an annual Scottish festival that takes place on 14 July, France’s national day. The village is still very popular with tourists from Scotland and elsewhere, but a recent wave of illegal parking and anti-social behaviour began to cause concern among the municipal leaders. Late night incidents of rowdiness, careless and dangerous driving were described by the Mayor as ‘a nocturnal rodeo’, so the township decided to introduce a CCTV system to protect the safety and security of the community.
The first stage involved the installation of 10 Bosch Full-HD cameras in strategic downtown areas. It was impossible to create a cabled network for these high-bandwidth cameras, however, so a reliable, best in class wireless solution was required. As most of the cameras were low latency PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) models, a low latency wireless solution (a specialty of Fluidmesh) would also be needed.

The system integrator, Automatic Alarm, decided to implement a point-to-multipoint architecture based on Fluidmesh 1200 VOLO and Fluidmesh FM3200 BASE station to centralize all the signals from the cameras to a ‘common’ location. The signal is then backhauled through FM1300 OTTO, the long range Fluidmesh 500Mbps bridge, to the local control room in the police department.
“Fluidmesh is a solid and established brand in the market, with guaranteed quality,” said Georges Martin of Automatic Alarm. “Because Fluidmesh constantly invests in R&D and technical support, they offer a high-performance solution which is easy to deploy and extremely durable.”
Thanks to the high-performing infrastructure it was also possible to add a few other services, such as the integration of VLANs for information sharing across local departments, and the integration of Access Points to distribute Public WiFi to the people. “We set the architecture up to be future proof,” added Martin, “with more bandwidth than we needed to begin with. This amazing infrastructure now has the capacity for future applications, without the need to physically touch the radios.”
“Automatic Alarm did an excellent job with the installation of the system,” commented Pascal Jablonski, Brigadier Chef Principal Police Municipale of Aubigny. “They were able to integrate the whole security system including radios and antennas and make it look quite unobtrusive.”
Installed in February 2017, the cameras have already reduced the incidence of crime in the town. New applications planned for the future include the option to stream voice messages through the city, something that is already possible through the Fluidmesh wireless system.