Success Stories Multi-Unit Housing


Viewpoint CRM, a Lowell, Massachusetts-based integration company, was looking for a reliable and easily deployable wireless system for its monitoring applications which had to support both video and audio in real time. They were working on a multi-unit housing project in Massachusetts in January 2007 and realized there was no way they could trench 500 yards in a parking lot under a city street and into another parking lot down that street to facilitate the system.


Fluidmesh, with its easily deployable mesh networks, was able to successfully provide a solution. “Fluidmesh was the perfect fit and going with their wireless mesh network also greatly reduced the cost of the installation,” says Viewpoint Sales Manager Bill Reilly.

Project Description at a Glance

Integrated solutions providers as successful as Viewpoint CRM opt only for the best, so when the time came to pick a wireless mesh system partner, they put their faith in Fluidmesh Networks. Viewpoint CRMs coveted technology enables them to communicate, through speakers, with each camera they install. This gives Viewpoint a physical presence at a location which is much more effective than a live security guard. While the patented technology allows them to speak at every location, Fluidmesh now allows Viewpoint CRM to do it wirelessly.

The Fluidmesh network analyzes in real time the interferences in the area and will automatically pick the best frequency based on those results. Every Fluidmesh network runs on 2.4 and 5.1-5.8 GHz simultaneously minimizing the chances of interference problems. The Fluidmesh proprietary transmission protocol is based on an innovative optimization system which guarantees a much lower latency and a much more reliable wireless connectivity compared to 802.11 systems. Latency was critical in the VOIP system used by Viewpoint CRM.

For the multi-unit housing project, Viewpoint CRM worked closely with Malesci and the Fluidmesh engineering team to design the mesh network according to the clients needs. The network had to be laid out on a map and factors such as link distance, bandwidth, line of sight, and interferences needed to be taken into account.

Viewpoints Bill Reilly reports that the client was extremely pleased with the cost-effective solution they, in conjunction with Fluidmesh, provided. “It took us awhile to have faith in wireless technology,” Reilly acknowledges. “But we took a hard look at the Fluidmesh product. They gave us a demo and we tested it, and we believe in it. Fluidmesh was also gracious enough to work with us and once we understood how their technology works, it became our wireless mesh product of choice. We have several more projects coming up with Fluidmesh because we believe in the product and they have given us tremendous support and training.”