Success Stories Pensacola Police Department goes wireless

The Pensacola, Florida Police Department sought to expand and improve its network of surveillance cameras. The major objective was to attain the best signal possible to ensure high video quality with no latency.


The install presented several challenges. The most significant were the locations of the cameras and obtaining a line of sight through dense vegetation for each camera back to the collection points. In addition, a wind load requirement of 140 m.p.h. for the area had to be met.


Doug Taylor, Sales Engineer and Project Manager of Advanced Control Concepts, Inc. (ACCI) in Pensacola, served as the Project Manager. “Wireless mesh was definitely the way to go for this installation because of distance, direction and topology,” he notes. “We were able to get a clean line of sight for each camera location.”

ACCI has worked with wireless for years, and Taylor credits Fluidmesh as its wireless system of choice.


Fluidmesh MITO units were selected and are now deploying the new MITO products – a new series of wireless products from Fluidmesh based on MIMO technology and specifically designed for IP Backhauling applications.

SkyPoint, Lenel’s high performance video management software, is employed at the front end of the system and the network cameras are AXIS Q6032.


The project was put to bid and ACCI was selected in a scoring process based on proposal content and cost.

Doug Taylor of ACCI worked with Simon Astuni, Sales Engineer at Fluidmesh, in the front end design, sale, detailed engineering and project execution from start to finish. 

To overcome the line of sight obstacles presented by the high vegetation inherent to the Pensacola region, field units and cameras were installed on top of 100 foot poles. A city- owned water tower serves as a central collection point. From there, sector and panel antennas were installed to provide coverage throughout the city. There was a lot of ground to cover – the longest link in the network stretches over four miles and all the cameras and units are spread over an area of 20 square miles

Pensacola Lieutenant Police Officer Tommi Lyter reports that “The end result is a vastly improved system that is user-friendly. We had an operating camera system in place using Motorola software and equipment. We were able to expand our existing four cameras to the current 20 camera system with no disruptions in service by using Fluidmesh products. ACCI and Fluidmesh were the ideal choice for our department.”

This project represents the largest wireless system ACCI has ever completed, and, according to Taylor, “It has already proven itself and is being used daily by the Pensacola Police Department. The project was a huge success.”

The cameras are also being streamed on the City of Pensacola website for public viewing of events. In addition, ACCI is working with the PPD’s IT Department and plans to send remote video to the police cars soon through their air cards.


An unusual key component to this project is that additional cameras are also being deployed on the system by local entities not within the Police Department.

After the original network was installed, some local businesses and educational institutions approached the PPD to monitor their cameras, as well. It’s proven to be a win-win situation, because the schools and businesses don’t have to pay for a DVR/NVR at their sites. They simply purchase cameras and wireless and the PPD will monitor them. In turn, the Department has “free” cameras covering key areas of the city and consequently, more eyes on the street.