Success Stories California Police Department Wireless Video-surveillance


Every installation has its challenges, and when the Torrance, California Police Department sought to install a surveillance system recently, it turned to Digital Networks Group in Aliso Viejo to meet those challenges.

The goal of the PD was to use the system to monitor traffic, prevent crime and identify suspects involved in criminal activities in and around the city of Torrance. Trey Cox, integrator on the project, was called up to provide a cost-effective, wireless high definition, solar- powered camera system on select city intersections. He had not worked with wireless mesh before, and reached out to several wireless vendors before opting to partner with Fluidmesh.

“I spoke with several wireless companies and Fluidmesh was the most helpful with getting us certified and assisting us with the design,” he says. “Wireless mesh was clearly the way to go for this installation,” he adds.” It is affordable and ensures secure transmission.”

Digital Networks installed four Sentry IP 360°, ultra-high resolution directional network video cameras on select city intersections. The cameras are 1080 HD and have 20x zoom and are protected by Dotwortz bullet-resistant housings. ONSSI surveillance software is employed, and feeds are transmitted via eight Fluidmesh wireless radios to the Torrance PD command center and servers. Seven are point-to-point radios and one is a mesh end radio..Both the cameras and the radios are powered via solar. SENECA video storage servers provide 80 TB of video storage, allowing for years of recorded video.

Cox reports that the system is meeting the needs of the Torrance PD beautifully. “Digital Networks was responsive to the City’s specifications, and their staff was also very responsive and easy to work with,” notes Thomas C. Stark, Lieutenant, Torrance PD. “The video plays extremely smoothly and we have the ability to zoom in to retrieve license plates from both live and recorded feeds,” he adds. “The Fluidmesh Wireless equipment works extremely well. We’re extremely pleased with the transmission speeds and zero latency.”

“Fluidmesh was excited to work with Digital Networks Group, a leading integrator of converging technologies with a proven track record,” notes Cosimo Malesci, Fluidmesh co-founder and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Wireless connectivity can solve a great many challenges, and this installation is one more example of how outside the box thinking can bring great value to the end user. We’re glad to be part of a team that together delivered the technologies needed to keep the citizens of Torrance more safe and secure.”