Success Stories Outdoor wireless videosurveillance in Cayala

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After decades of migration from rural areas, Guatemala City, with 4 million inhabitants, is the most populous urban metropolis in Central America. This population explosion has, however, severely strained the city’s bureaucratic and physical infrastructure, bringing chronic traffic congestion, housing and water shortages, and a prolonged surge in crime.

Responding to the population crisis, Guatemalan developers are building an exclusive urban environment on the Southern outskirts of Guatemala City, known as Cayalá. At its heart is the 34-acre Paseo Cayalá, with apartments, parks, high-end boutiques, a church, nightclubs and restaurants, all within a ring of pristine white stucco walls.

Cayalá has been described as the first project in Guatemala to adopt ‘new urbanism’, with pedestrianized neighborhoods incorporating a range of different housing and businesses, targeting a younger generation that enjoys a more cosmopolitan lifestyle.

To keep residents and visitors safe from the crime wave affecting other parts of the city, a security surveillance system has been installed incorporating 750 cameras. Most of these are connected by cable, but to guarantee full coverage of the area, some had to be placed in positions where cable connections were not possible. The contractor, Inovaciones Unidas, selected Fluidmesh radios to connect these cameras wirelessly to the control room.

The cameras needed to have a high-bandwidth connection, and low latency to allow officers in the control room to move the PTZ cameras around without loss of signal or delay in response. The products chosen were Fluidmesh FM1200 VOLO radios and FM3200 BASE stations, in point to point and point to multipoint configurations.

“When we came to Cayalá, we encountered several areas where it was not possible to install cable and fibreoptics, so we decided to install Fluidmesh, which is an effective radio transmission technology for video cameras,” said Santiago Sinibaldi, sales director of Inovaciones Unidas.

“The use of this system has been very important for Cayalá,” added Julio Garcia, Cayalá Commercial Manager. “It helps to prevent crime and has kept our residents and clients safe. We opted for Fluidmesh wireless technology to give us a real-time high-performance data connection for video, with maximum control.”

“We are very happy with the Fluidmesh products and it was very easy and quick to set up the system,” concluded Santiago Sinibaldi. “For a system integrator this is a huge plus, since installation time means money and we want to focus on activities that add value to a system, rather than wasting time on complicated setups or troubleshooting.”

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