Success Stories Warwick Housing Authority


The Warwick Housing Authority sought to protect residents with video surveillance at five of its housing complexes. The five sites are in an area of about 10 square miles, all within one to three miles of each other. What made a wireless solution particularly challenging was that there were five residential sites with anywhere from 12-18 cameras per site- all in a city with no straight lines of sight.

Throw in to the mix the Providence International Airport, and its airspace looming above the complexes, presenting serious interference concerns. To further complicate the challenge, there was no wired backbone that could have been used and trenching would have brought the project way over budget.


“The challenges we faced were successfully overcome using Fluidmesh and a high speed, land-based network. This has been recognized as one of the most ground-breaking projects in New England, because it involved a multi-site facility that surrounds an international airport and presented some very difficult challenges.” Michael Lyckland, Executive Team of the Warwick Housing

Project Description at a Glance

Proper design was critical to meeting the specific challenges of this installation. The integrator, MSE Electronics, after attending a Fluidmesh Level I Certification training, had already handpicked the Fluidmesh wireless technology due to the tremendous amount of tech support he could count on and the ease of installation.
The A&E on the project, Dr. Adam Thermos of Strategic Technology Group, wanted to achieve complete distributed information by deploying DVRs, in addition to the numerous cameras, in every building.

The wireless mesh network provided the most cost effective solution allowing the Housing Authority to create a connection between the complexes, which have an average of 15 buildings apiece. Each complex was equipped with an antenna and DVR. Every DVR, in turn, corresponds to 1-5 cameras translating into almost a one-to-one ratio of camera to DVR to antenna. A Fluidmesh 2200 node was installed on the roof of each building.
There is also a head-end building which is connected to the Verizon Fiber (FIOS) used to connect each site to a central monitoring station.

Simply stated, the network in place for the Warwick Housing Authority is composed of three separate mesh networks. Each mesh network is then connected to a FIOS line which is used for remote monitoring of the cameras from the main viewing station.

Each mesh network connects all the DVRs on site to the network drop. The equipment used includes Fluidmesh 2200 with directional patch antennas, GE cameras and DVRs, and Verizon Fiber Optics for connectivity. The system is running on 5.1-5.8 Ghz and uses 2.4 Ghz as a back up.