Fluidmesh Wifi on Board for Trains

Many studies prove that on-board Wi-Fi  for passengers significantly increases ridership on mass transit vehicles and railroad cars. However, connecting trains while they’re moving  to the Internet with a broadband connection presents many challenges. To date, cellular-based technology has proven to be insufficient to provide enough throughputs for a satisfying user experience. At the same time, more and more rail operators are looking at track-side wireless communication to be able to provide a broadband link to their trains. Fluidmesh is an expert in track-side wireless networks for broadband train to ground communications and we will share many real-life experiences from real projects with railways in the US and in Europe at the Train Communication System 2014.

Track-side wireless networks provide usable throughput up to 100 Mbit/sec that can be used to provide Wi-Fi on-board that satisfies passengers. Based on our tests performed in the field up to 350 Km/h, we will be offering an overview of the different approaches to increasing ridership by providing on board Wi-Fi to passengers.

FLUIDITYTM is a track-side or a train-to-ground communication system developed by Fluidmesh.

FLUIDITYTM can connect an on-board radio roaming at up to 350 Km/h. Nobody is able to beat the performances of our track-side wireless technology with a hand-off below 3 ms and no packets dropped.

The MPLS-based protocol establishes virtual pipes ahead of time so no packet routing is needed. This results in a very reliable wireless network with extremely low latency.

A FLUIDITYTM network can reach where 3G/4G LTE networks don’t, including in tunnels.

With traffic optimization transmission protocol, Wi-Fi connectivity and content can now be offered to train and metro passengers more efficiently. Internet connectivity, traffic information to and from the stations stops, advertising and entertainment content will help you provide a better on board experience to your passengers and also develop new revenue streams.