Fluidmesh Networks, worldwide leader in wireless systems for IoT applications, is pleased to announce the release of the world top performing products for wireless train to ground communications, Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI and Fluidmesh 3500 ENDO. This newest radio offering is dedicated to mass transit and railway communications including train-to-ground wireless projects with Gigabit per seconds requirements.

The Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI and Fluidmesh 3500 ENDO are designed for high speed train-to-ground communications to enable the next generation of broadband WiFi on board, live video security and CBTC applications. The Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI is designed and manufactured to meet all the requirements of rail applications and it is compliant with all the specification of the EN50155 and EN50121 international standards for rail applications.

Ideal applications include:

– Broadband WiFi on-board for passengers
– Live on-board video security and video streaming
– Operational rail communications and Internet of Rail (IoR) applications

The Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI and Fluidmesh 3500 ENDO are license-free products and operate on the 5150-5350 and 5470-5850 MHz frequency bands. Both products can operate on channels that are up to 80 MHz wide employ multiple coding schemes including the impressive 256-QAM modulation and they can reach a bit-rate up to 866.6 Mbit/sec leveraging 80 MHz wide channels and 256 QAM encoding. Leveraging a new high-power silicon radio front-end, both products support trackside radio base station spacing exceeding 7 Km (5 miles).
Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI and Fluidmesh 3500 ENDO are the fastest train-to-ground technology currently available in the marketplace. Both the Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI and Fluidmesh 3500 ENDO embed multiple Fluidmesh proprietary and patented technologies such as:

– MPLS protocol support with label switching
– Fluidmesh Make-Before-Break patented algorithm allowing seamless handoff (0ms) at 350 Km/h (220 mph)
– Layer 3 backhaul and WAN support.

The products come with a two-year warranty and extended warranty options.

“The rail industry needs to deliver in excess of 1 Gbit/sec to their trains in the coming years,” says Umberto Malesci, Fluidmesh CEO. “Passengers are demanding aloud to dramatically improve the passenger experience on board in terms of WiFi and security. The Fluidmesh 4500 MOBI in conjunction with our Fluidity patented protocol is a future-proof solution that allows a railway to connect their train in a way that can finally satisfy for real the connectivity needs of both passengers and train operators”